This site specialises in slow cooker recipes which are categorised and rated by votes. We hope to provide a fine collection of recipes and cooking tips.


Each crock pot recipe is categorised into a food group to help you find what you are looking for fast. A top ten list of recipes is also provided, so please feel free to vote for your favourite and share your success with others.

A dish prepared by the slow cooker method always tastes great. When the heat is on low the steam doesn't escape and the food remains tender and moist.

During the warmer months the crock pot lets you cook without heating up the surrounds in the kitchen. Such cooking tenderises the cheapest cuts of meats and the complex aromas that develop are sure to please all.

The slow cooker is can be used to cook a variety of recipes and is a great cooking implement that no home should be without. Cooking the food slowly prevents burning and allows intricate food aromas to develop that cannot be achieved by other methods. The cooker also acts as a keep warm serving dish for those who arrive home late.

A variety of slow cooker recipes will be provided from soups, stews, pot roasts, breads through to delicious cakes and desserts.